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—  Corey & Lashell Daniels

Meet The Team



Mrs. Lashell Daniels


Chief Executive Editor

Ron Wynn


Board Chairman

Anthony Strode, MS, MHS

About Us

Welcome to Everything Underground presents Members Network, Boss Up Conference, and our esteemed signature event, The Trailblazer Awards. Established in 2013 and incorporated in Indianapolis, IN, Everything Underground Inc. (EU) was originally founded in Nashville, TN, with a mission to unite contemporary, under-the-radar movers and shakers. Our platforms serve as a catalyst for networking opportunities, showcasing members, and shedding light on critical issues and pivotal companies.


At, we proudly foster a dynamic network of motivated individuals who recognize the power of collaboration to achieve common goals. Our website is a vibrant hub that celebrates socially conscious individuals and encourages meaningful collaborations. Furthermore, we actively seek partnerships with economically progressive firms and businesses, as we believe they play a pivotal role in creating opportunities for today's youth and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Immersed in the richness of the Black experience, we curate an array of events, stories, essays, and thought-provoking discussions that spotlight various aspects of the community. Our engagement extends beyond our platform as we interact with a plethora of links, websites, and online resources, keeping our community informed about local matters and global happenings.

At Everything Underground, we firmly believe in harnessing the limitless potential of the internet for the greater good. We leverage technology to empower our members and clients alike. Our platform serves as a springboard for businesses to elevate and refine their products, while also providing unparalleled access to larger audiences and markets.

Join us in this transformative journey as we continue to shape a brighter future through meaningful connections, impactful initiatives, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of individuals, communities, and the world at large. JOIN THE NETWORK


Meet The Team

As a Black-owned and operated multi-media corporation, Everything Underground (EU) has always championed calaborative events and services for the purpose of increasing the circulation of the Black dollar. 

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Executive Administrator

Fred Obah

EU platforms offer exclusive networking opportunities, business resources, and highlights PEOPLE issues and pivotal companies.


Membership/Client Services 


The EU network platform is for entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.  Our membership levels include 





Boss Up Chair


The world is our community. We all live in it together. It is our obligation to be willing to contribute positively.
 Boss up Conference has existed since 2017 

Trailblazer  Chair


Trailblazer_Commission _edited.png

The Awards were created to honor and recognize overlooked and undervalued individuals who’ve made great contributions to their communities for many years.

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