—  Corey & Lashell Daniels

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Corey & Lashell Daniels


Chief Executive Editor

Ron Wynn


Board Chairman

Tanisha Adams

About Us

Everything Underground Inc., (EU), was incorporated in Indianapolis, IN in 2013. It was originally founded in Nashville TN., uniting many contemporary, under the radar, movers and shakers. The websites' platforms offer networking opportunities, features members, and highlights issues and pivotal companies. currently supports a network of motivated individuals who explore the benefits of working together for common goals. The website highlights socially conscious people & encourages collaborations. We also seek involvement with economically progressive firms and businesses who will help us create opportunities for today's youth and prospective entrepreneurs.


We highlight events, stories, essays and comments on topical issues that spotlight multiple areas of the Black experience. We also interact with the array of links, websites and online material that keeps folks informed about both their immediate community and the world at large.


The Internet's possibilities are limitless in terms of being either a positive or negative factor in humanity's evolution. EU utilizes technology for the benefit of our members and clients. It simultaneously provides a platform for businesses to enhance and improve their products, while also reaching larger audiences and markets. 


Lashell Daniels

Meet The Team

As a Black-owned and operated multi-media corporation, Everything Underground (EU) has always championed calaborative events and services for the purpose of increasing the circulation of the Black dollar. 

PR/HR/Team Specialist

Nicole Bennett

Our weekly Newsletter "On The Media" explores how the current mass of corporate controlled and alternative entities present, examine and explore issues connected with people of color.  

Media & Entertainment 

Lavonda McIntosh

We  provide a vehicle for entertainers to enhance and improve their market reach by connecting you to opportunity.  

Board Member

Doreen Beard

The world is our community. We all live in it together. It is our obligation to be willing to contribute positively.

Board Member

DaNiisha Greene


 When I first talked about abstinence on Facebook back in 2009 I got a lot of backlash. Love Is.