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EU Chronicles Report with Ron Wyn

Everything Underground currently supports a network of motivated individuals who explore the benefits of working together for common goals.The website highlights socially conscious people & encourages collaborations. We also seek involvement with economically progressive firms and businesses who will help us create opportunities for today's youth and prospective entrepreneurs

EU Chronicles Report with Ron Wyn



Bring back our unity build up our communities. 

Ms. Trice and Mr. B-Low Ki puts out a hot new song speaking about the killings that's been going on with our black leaders and police brutality killing young African Americans

Beyond Beats and Rhymes 

by Byron Hurt

Filmmaker Byron Hunt asked some tough questions regarding rap and hip hop in this landmark production. Many issues he raised regarding lyrics, images and sensibility are still relevant today. I'm a paragraph. 

EU Chronicles Reports with Ron Wynn 2nd Edition

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DR. Umar Johnson

Sept 2015

Indianapolis rapper, producer and label head Mouchee Deeki now brings his array of knowledge and insights to a different arena. He'll be hosting a new, program "Mouchee Deeki's Spotlight On The Arts" that will be shown via social media. He'll interview movers and shakers in the arts, from producers to performers, rappers to sound engineers and studio mavens as they display different sides of their personalities. Don't miss "Mouchee Deeki on multiple platforms everywhere.

Aug 2015

Rehema McNeil displays amazing potential

By Ron Wynn


Indianapolis native Rehema McNeil has a composure and maturity that makes her seem like a polished veteran performer rather than a 22-year-old who's  only been operating in the musical arena a little more than a year. But that's because she's a poised, articulate and striking spoken word performer, as well as someone with a strong sense of pride in their heritage and a desire to use her talents on behalf of others and to help change things for the better through art. 

Aug 2015

The massacre at the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina, in June is just the latest in a string of racially charged events that have broken my heart. There are a lot of things to fix in this world, but history says if we don't address this canker, centuries in the making, these things will continue to happen. No matter what level privilege you have, when the system is broken everybody loses. We all have to speak up 

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Everything Underground debuts three new television shows as it expands its production division. The EU Chronicles report, hosted by Everything Underground's Editor-in-Chief Ron Wynn, presents the top stories and features on the EU Chronicles newsletter, as well as across all EU's platforms. Rapper/commentator Mouchee Deeki interacts and interviews some of the movers and shakers across the cultural spectrum on his show "Spotlight On The Arts." Local entertainment scribe Danielle Adams covers the top videos featuring empowerment music and also offers the latest gossip and information on celebrities and rappers. Stay tuned for these and more from Everything Underground. 

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