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James Kirk

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My name is YEHUDAH BEN YISRAEL (Formerly James Otis Kirk), President & CEO of Captain Kirk Enterprises, LLC. I am the elder son of Cephus Jordan, Sr. and Almetea (Alma) Kirk. I received my degree in Business Administration in 1973 from Erie Community College/City Campus where I served as the Student Government President and Director of the Student’s work study program. I started my Network Marketing Business in September of 2000; I became a Pastor in December of 1992 and started the ministry which is Set Free Christian Outreach Center, Inc. We did outreach which included preaching, teaching, taking care of the homeless and providing food weekly. I accepted Yahshua the Messiah as my Lord and Savior in the fall of 1991 and became a born again believer at that time, and a law abiding citizen of the kingdom of heaven and an Ambassador for the Messiah. Yahshua the Messiah is my Lord, Savior and King, Yahawah thy Elohim is my Father which is in heaven, the Holy Spirit is my Helper, Teacher and Guide, praise the Lord! I pray that all of my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren turn away from religion that was created by our oppressors (white man/woman) and become law abiding citizen of the kingdom of heaven as well. Halleluyah! All praises to YAH! John 3:1-7. Romans 10:8-13. Read it from your Bible. 


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